Hello, my name is Gay Dennis, owner and Creative Director of Cushion Bazaar. 

I’ve always loved collecting beautiful things from my travels for my home, and bringing that touch of the exotic back home to Australia to add style and personality to my home. So over the years, an East meets West aesthetic became an integral part of my personal design look.  

I’ve wanted to share this love of cultural design with others, so they too can create a beautiful home environment, adorned with special statement pieces that reflect their own personality. Cushion Bazaar was born of this desire and I’m so excited to bring it to you.

My goal is to offer you great design at an affordable price that is within reach of everyone, and combine this with a wonderful shopping experience.

In addition to our signature collections, we’re also providing a custom design service so you can have one of our designs specially made in any colour you desire to mix and match with your décor.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you’ll keep coming back for more design inspiration and new products. I’ve only just got started!

Warm regards
Gay x

Gay Denis Creative Director

Gay Dennis – Designer, Collector and Entrepreneur

Before Gay started Cushion Bazaar she was a Film and Video Producer.  She got her start at BBC Television in London where she learned from the world’s best how to produce films of the highest quality.  She came back to Australia and went on to become a Senior Producer, running her own production company for many years.

However, interior design was always Gay’s passion.  She traveled widely, collected art, tribal and cultural pieces, bought and decorated a number of houses, and studied interior design. And as she did so, her passion for interiors and her eye for design evolved.

“I started to think about how I could turn my passion into a business and share my love of beautiful cultural  design with others”

Gay had big dreams and her first inspiration was to create a huge luxury lifestyle department store in Sydney’s Double Bay, which she called Exquisite Lifestyle.  With the help of a talented team she came tantalisingly close to getting this combined property development and luxury retail project off the ground, but her dream was thwarted when the site earmarked for the project was sold to another developer.

A few years passed and online shopping was gathering momentum so Gay set about creating Exquisite Lifestyle as an online department store.  Various models were developed but Gay found it difficult to raise the funding necessary to get Exquisite off the ground.

Fast forward another few years and Gay considers another approach.  Start with two key products which punch above their weight from a style perspective.  And so Cushion Bazaar was borne.

“With my first signature collection of decorative throw cushions I’ve focused on two of my personal favourites; Ikat and Geometric design, expanding these designs into 3 shapes and 6 bold and beautiful colourways.”

 “Next we’ll be introducing new signature designs in luxurious silk, linen and velvet fabrics as well as sourcing exquisite embroidered and beaded cushions from different cultures around the world.  And then there’s the foot stools, ottomans, throws and so on”

There were of course many challenges along the way.

“With limited funding I had to do everything myself from designing the collection to building the website. Sourcing the right workshop to produce my signature collection was a real challenge, and importing for the first time was a steep learning curve and risky on a number of levels.” 

However, with persistence and the help of some wonderful mentors, suppliers and importing experts, Cushion Bazaar was finally launched, albeit with a fair amount of nervousness and trepidation on Gay’s part.

“The response to our first collection has been very encouraging!  Thank you so very much to everyone for your incredible support.”