Custom Orders

Ordering Custom Sizes
We custom make 50cm square and 30x50cm rectangular cushions to order.  Just order from the drop down menu on the product page.  Delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks.  Please contact us at if you would like further information.

Custom Orders
We understand how important it to get your colour scheme just right and it can be frustrating when you can’t find that special colour which will work beautifully with your interior or exterior colour scheme. This is especially true when it’s a whole room make-over.

That’s when our Custom Orders can come to the rescue.

Custom orders are charged on a case by case basis depending upon the complexity of what you want, but allow for the cost of a similar item and then an additional fee which includes of 1-2 hours of design and short run fee.

Custom orders have a minimum quantity of 4 cushions per design and colour.

Be aware though, that not ALL requests can be satisfied, so please email an inquiry for confirmation and a custom quote.

Once your request is accepted you will be put on a waiting list and expect delivery in approximately 4-6 weeks.

Please note, quoted prices will include postage within Australia. International orders are charged postage at the usual rates.