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Duck Feather Cushion Inserts
If you’re looking to add elegance and class to your home when purchasing cushions online, nothing lifts your living room like new designer cushions filled with luxurious duck feather cushion inserts.
Our Easyrest 100% Duck Feather Inserts are made from soft duck feather fill for comfort and wonderful softness and are encased in a Japara cotton cover for long lasting resilience.
Duck feather has been used for cushion inserts for many years because it is luxurious, comfortable and durable.  Interior designers prefer duck feather cushion inserts because they have a luxurious look and are softer and more comfortable to use than polyester filled inserts. Unlike polyester filled cushions, duck feathers do not clump together or harden so they remain soft longer. Just remember to plump them up regularly so your cushions and the feathers retain their softness.
Feather pillows can last up to a few decades if you take care of them properly because duck feather is naturally durable and will last many years with proper care.
More Support
Apart from their luxurious look, duck feather cushion inserts are used for added support to your rear and lumbar area when sitting down. This type of support is better compared to other types of fill because feathers inserts can be easily fluffed back to regain their old fluffiness and shape.
Because duck feather inserts are made from natural materials, they are very breathable. This is another factor if you are looking for ways to be more comfortable on your sofa or arm chair.  When you sit down for longer periods of time, your body will receive proper air circulation from your duck feather cushion insert, keeping you cool and comfortable.
Due to the durability of duck feather inserts, you will end up spending less money on your cushion inserts over time. If you compare this to buying polyester cushions which are cheaper initially, duck feather cushion inserts will save you money because your feather inserts will last years instead of the 1-2 year lifespan expectancy of polyester filled inserts.
Allergy Friendly
Contrary to popular belief, duck feather cushion inserts are allergy friendly. Allergic reaction is usually caused by dust mite droppings and not the feathers itself. Keep your cushions dust free by washing and caring for them regularly to avoid contamination of dust mites.

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