Ikat Cushions

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Infusing a room with a touch of exotic flair doesn’t mean you have to travel to the ends of the world. You can easily bring that feeling home and add a touch of dressed-up bohemian vibe to your living space with our striking collection of Ikat Cushions.

Inspired by traditional Ikat fabrics originating centuries ago along the famed Silk Road in Central Asia, these striking Ikat designs are about as trendy as anything ancient can ever claim to be.

Now reimagined in a contemporary way, our bold and energetic Ikat Designer Cushions will add a stunning focal point to any home be it modern, traditional, eclectic or any other home style. Ikat just works.

Use it to punctuate a focal colour on the living room sofa or add a little visual texture to your favourite arm chair. Wherever you place them, Ikat cushions are a show stealer in any space.

So how do you decorate with Ikat? What do you pair Ikat patterns with? Plain colour solids are always a good matchmaker for Ikat Cushions. The singular shade gives your Ikat cushions the foundation they need to really shine as a focal point. But if you’re a little more adventurous and love all things eclectic, you can certainly pair Ikat cushions with more pattern – the key is matching proportions and balancing colourways.

Have fun browsing our gorgeous collection of luxury cushions online. With 18 designs across 6 beautiful colourways, our Ikat Cushion Collection is the most extensive and colour co-ordinated in Australia.

To take the guess work out of what Ikat patterns work best together, check out our pre-styled Cushion Sets of 5 and Cushion Sets of 7.

We recommend using 100% Duck Feather Cushion Inserts in your Ikat cushions, to give you that luxurious designer look and feel that oozes comfort and style.