Pink Cushions

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Not ready for a complete pink overhaul in your decorating?  Then consider using Pink Cushions on the living room sofa to bring just the right amount of colour and a fun to your living space.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when decorating with the colour pink.  There’s something effortlessly glamorous about it and small accents of pink can subtlety perk up a space.  With designers and home owners using neutral tones and muted colours such as grey, taupe and shades of white as a backdrop, accent colours such as Watermelon Pink can bring a much needed liveliness to a setting that may otherwise border on blandness.

Colourful cushions are a great way to add a pop of accent colour to your living space without overwhelming it with too much bold colour.  Our stunning Pink Cushions come in two show stopping design styles:  Ikat and Geometric.  These Ikat and Geometric designer cushions are true statement pieces which you can use to brighten up your room, add visual texture and make your home feel warm and welcoming.

The shade of pink we have used is a rich and vibrant watermelon pink, which works brilliantly with taupe, grey or any shade of white.  It also looks fabulous mixed with shades of orange, turquoise or blue.

To complement our beautiful Ikat and Geometric designs, we’ve included the Georgia Plain Pink Cushion and the Georgia Plain White Cushion in the collection, as plain colour cushions are always a good matchmaker for bold, energetic colours and patterns.  The singular colour gives your statement Geometric or Ikat cushions the foundation they need to really shine as a focal point.

You can purchase our designer cushions online either as single cushions, or as a pre-styled cushion set, which take the guess work out of what patterns work best together.

Have fun browsing our gorgeous collection of luxury cushions online.  With 18 designs across 6 beautiful colourways, our Ikat and Geometric Cushion Collections will have you spoilt for choice.