Plain Cushions

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Plain colour cushions are classic and classy.  No doubt about it.  They look beautiful styled together as a cushion arrangement or layered with co-ordinated patterned cushions.

Each one of our 6 colour stories has a plain colour square and rectangular cushion which matches perfectly with both our Ikat Cushions and Geometric Cushions.

The plain colour cushion offers the eye a much needed breather from multi-dimensional patterns.  Plus solids are to pattern what mats are to framed art – because solid colours don’t compete for attention.  They give patterns and decorative artwork the foundation to really shine as a focal point.

When arranging cushions, solid colour cushions positioned at either end of a sofa provide a great base for you to layer your patterned cushions in front and give your cushion arrangement a classic, timeless look and feel, while still delivering on the WOW factor.

To take the guess work out of what plain and patterned cusionss work best together check out our pre-styled Cushion Sets of 5 and Cushion Sets of 7.

We recommend using a 100% Duck Feather Cushion Inserts for our Plain, Geometric and Ikat Cushions as they give you a luxurious and comfortable look and feel that oozes class and style.

Have fun browsing our gorgeous collection of luxury cushions online.  With 18 designs across 6 beautiful colourways, our Signature Cushion Collections will have you spoilt for choice.

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