Turquoise Cushions

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Turquoise is a quintessential coastal colour that evokes the sea and sky and it adds a beautiful touch to just about any space. Decorating with Turquoise is believed to bring harmony and happiness so adding a touch of this jewel-like colour to your living space bodes well for good vibes in your home. In fact the Egyptians and Native Americans believed that Turquoise has spiritual healing powers.

An easy way to add Turquoise to your living space is through your soft furnishings and accents.  If you’re working from a neutral backdrop, mix in cushions with turquoise hues, accent rugs and a stylish turquoise based lamp for a great effect.

With designers and home owners using neutral tones and muted colours such as grey, taupe and shades of white as a backdrop, accent colours such as Turquoise have become an absolute must, bringing much needed liveliness to a setting that may otherwise border on blandness.

Colourful cushions are a great way to add a pop of accent colour to your living space without overwhelming it with too much bold colour.  Our Turquoise and White Cushions come in two show stopping design styles:  Ikat and Geometric.  These Ikat and Geometric designer cushions are true statement pieces which you can use to refresh your room, add visual texture and make your home feel calm and welcoming.

To complement our beautiful Ikat and Geometric designs, we’ve included the Georgia Plain Turquoise Cushion and the Georgia Plain White Cushion in the collection, as plain colour cushions are always a good matchmaker for bold energetic colours and patterns.  The singular colour gives your statement Geometric or Ikat cushions the foundation they need to really shine as a focal point.

We recommend using a 100% Duck Feather Cushion Inserts in our Turquoise Cushions, which gives a luxurious and comfortable look and feel that oozes class and style.

Have fun browsing our gorgeous collection of Pre-styled  Cushion Sets and luxury cushions online.  With 18 designs across 6 beautiful colourways, our Ikat and Geometric Cushion Collections will have you spoilt for choice.