• Chevron Bone Inlay 3-drawer console table black

Chevron Bone Inlay 3-Drawer Console Table Black


With its distinctive monochromatic chevron design and three handy drawers, this exquisite Chevron Bone Inlay Console Table is a timeless statement piece which will add a glamorous Boho vibe to any room in your home. 
This showstopping black and white stripe Bone Inlay 3-Drawer Console Table definitely delivers on the WOW factor and will instantly become the focal point of your room.  Stylish and unquestionably elegant, the Chevron Bone Inlay Console Table is a versatile piece which features striking chevron stripe design and 3 handy drawers with hand carved bone handles.   A true life piece, this exquisite console table will bring you pleasure for many years to come.
Pre-Order Now.  This luxurious console table is made to order by our workshop in India and takes approx 6-8 weeks for production and shipping.



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Design and Pattern:  The  Chevron black and white stripe bone inlay 3-drawer console table is part of Cushion Bazaar’s Signature Bone Inlay Collection, created in Australia and inspired by centuries old traditional Indian design.
Size: 1200cmW x 85cmH x 45cmD
Material:  Honourably sourced camel bone, mango wood and coloured resin.  Our Bone Inlay range has been crafted from ethically-sourced camel bones extracted in India from domesticated camels which have died from natural causes. Every shipment receives a Wild Life Certification in India before being shipped to you.  
About the Craft:  This exquisite black and white bone inlay console table been meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in the north-east Indian Provence of Rajasthan.  The camel bone pattern pieces are painstakenly carved using honourably sourced camel bone and then inlaid into the timber frame in a centuries old traditional craft handed down from father to son.   
Styling:  This classic bone inlay console table would look right at home in your bedroom, hallway or living room and works with all decorating styles. 
Custom Order Service:  We offer a Custom Order Service so you can order our bone inlay furniture in colours and sizes to match your décor.